Launched in mid-2012, Slender relies round lengthy pauses adopted by sudden actions which might be completely sudden. In different phrases: soar scares. Primarily, it’s a horror movie in online game kind. It’s kind of low-cost, however – boy – does it work.

Your mission is easy: Do not get killed, gather the eight items of a e-book and run. The “factor” pursuing you – referred to as Slender Man (straight impressed by the meme) – is a faceless, eerily (unnaturally) lanky man in a pinstriped swimsuit.

Principally, he is the proper horror recreation villain.

The sport depends closely across the participant having just about no sources past a flashlight and the flexibility to jog. Naturally, each of that are restricted for apparent causes, making escape all of the tougher.

Total, Slender is a enjoyable, not-so-clever horror recreation that’s assured to scare you mindless nonetheless.

You possibly can play Slender: The Eight Pages on Home windows and OS X.

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